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Edmonds-Woodway Amateur Radio Club
Ham radio club serving Edmonds and Woodway Washington.

USA Amateur Radio HF Band Plan
Download the PDF with USA Amateur radio HF band plan and common country prefixes updated in 2008 by Icom

Navy-Marine Corps MARS
Navy-Marine Corps Military Auxiliary Radio System

Amateur radio frequency allocations
Wikipedia page about amateur radio spectrum assigned to the amateur radio service

European PSK Club
The European PSK Club, or EPC for short, is an informal club of amateur radio operators dedicated to maintaining high levels of amateur radio communications on PSK modes. Its purpose is to promote activity and good operating practice on the PSK modes on all amateur bands

30 meters digital group
Group dedicated to 30 Meter digital activity on this unique HF band! All licensed Hams and SWLs anywhere are welcome to join in. Include live PSK 31 receiver, dx spots and event calendar

AA9PW.com FAA and FCC Exam Practice
home of the AA9PW exam practice pages.This site is designed to allow you practice for the following FCC Radio and FAA Aviation licensing exams.

The International Morse Preservation Society FISTS was founded in 1987 by the late Geo Longden, G3ZQS

The 6 Shooter Net is a informal rag chew, swap net, and tech question net held on Sunday nights on 147.570 simplex in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. See our website, www.6shooter.net for more information!

Carson Valley Radio Club
Providing amateur radio services for western nevada.

 Attività Riduci
Author: Sezione ARI Ostia Created: 22/06/2016 22.40
Blog che raccoglie le attività in portatile organizzate dalla Sezione ARI di Ostia

By Sezione ARI Ostia on 18/06/2016 9.00

Attività in portatile con il nominativo di sezione presso la Fortezza di Rocca di Papa, è previsto il set-up di due stazioni.

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 L'ARI compie 90 anni Riduci

 Attività Riduci
Calendario delle attività

 Attività Riduci

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